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We offer a bespoke combination of consulting, outsourcing, offshore and specialist services across all types of quality management, testing and certification activity. These services are attuned precisely to making absolutely sure that your required business outcome meets time, cost and quality targets

Our offshore application development services are intended to serve businesses that are outsourcing application development and programming to India. We develop seamless e-business solutions combining emerging technologies with business practices so that our clients are able to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

KalMax Solutions has a well-defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools which can be used by our customers.

The application development methodology can be used for:-

  *  New application development
  *  Existing application enhancement
  *  Application consolidation
  *  Application migration

Content Management

We provides the full cycle of services for enterprise content management solutions and platforms implementation. This will allow organizations to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by exercising control over their business processes. We provide ready solutions and platforms customization and integration of ECM systems with other enterprise applications, including all types of migration. WE are capable of combining services from different ECM vendors to deliver the solution tailored to your business needs.

Besides development and integration services, we provide consulting about choosing a particular ECM solution or platform, including business analysis and requirements specification. Before we decide on a specific solution our experts provide a comprehensive business analysis of organizational business models and processes. This lets us elaborate solutions highly tuned to very specific business requirements. Also, our experts analyze the organizational infrastructure and existing legacy systems to fit the solution into technical environment. Integrations with legacy systems, data migration and conversion are also taken into account.

Custom Relationship Management

Custom Relationship Management software is a system that allows a business to maintain all customer records in one centralized location that is accessible to an entire organization. CRM software is essentially meant to address the needs of marketing, sales and customer service and support divisions within an organization and allow the three to share data on clients to improve customer service.

A good CRM program will allow a business to acquire customers, increase the value of the customer to the company, retain good customers, and determine how customers can be given a higher level of service. We specialize in providing our customers with complete CRM. We have considerable experience in different aspects of building an effective CRM system. We will guide you through all the stages of the solution implementation giving a sound advice and helping you select the right strategy:

  *  Implementation / Full Testing / Deployment
  *  3d Party Software Selection and Integration
  *  Business Processes Modeling & Streamlining
  *  Legacy Applications Integration and Web-Enabling
  *  Technical Architecture Design
  *  GUI Design and Usability Modeling
  *  Customization / Change Management
  *  CRM Strategy and Requirements Definition

Our experts will help you understand all the implementation possibilities and help you select the right components of the future CRM system that are important for your business:

  *  Data Analysis and Multi-level Reporting
  *  Campaigns Scheduling and Tracking
  *  Contact Us and Accounts Management
  *  Integrated Collaborative Tools
  *  Team Management and Tasks Distribution
  *  Document Circulation Management
  *  Catalog Management
  *  Customer Support Tools

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